Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eine kleine dolly progress

Behold: one necklace, awaiting its clasp, which I made for Nekokoi’s Larxene. Below it are two also-rans, mostly because I was curious. The beads are back in their container, waiting for the next experiment.

Here is the necklace on Larxene, to give you a sense of scale. I used Fibonacci numbers for the small beads between the large ones: 5, 8, 13, and 21; I don’t think I went as high as 34 on hers. I did, once or twice, on Cuprit’s.

Below Larxene’s is a larger necklace which I made for Cuprit. Wotan gave me a guesstimate as to how long it should be. I’ll know in a few weeks how good he and I are at guessing.

I also measured Larxene everywhere I have measurements for my Cuprit, and a couple more places I didn’t think to ask. Should be relatively easy now to make slopers for skirts and blouses, but that is a project for another day.

1 comment:

nekokoi said...

oh that necklace is SUPER cute! we approve very much. <3

and i haven't been around due to moving stuff, but still no shipping notice on your girl. surprise.