Friday, August 21, 2009

Not helpful at all, Rorek!

Of course I went over to the Soom site and saw the teaser photos of the unicorn babies. Much cuter than Heliot’s face, and of course I would love to have the little girl and maybe even the little boy [do not fall over in shock, y’all].

Just flat not in the budget. Maybe I can pick up one or both on the secondhand market next year. I have bumped up my automatic withdrawals into savings so as to accumulate doll money a little at a time without throwing my finances into utter chaos. Paying off the layaway on Jessica is the first order of business. And then I will probably get Arie, either buying her outright or putting her and Libra on layaway together.

Just not crazy about Pisce’s face, though I am beginning to see the beauty in some tender-eyed dolls. And I am starting to recognize a few of the face sculpts in people’s box-opening posts.


nekokoi said...

..i don't think DoD does layaway actually. so you'll probably have to buy outright. xD

and the unicorn babies are adorable so far, but i think i'm just gonna go for their outfits for dolls i have already have paid for. xD

Rorek said...

Yeah as far as I know Dream of Doll has never offered layaway. Alot of the companies do, but I don't think they are one of them. :[

I think Christy and I may be getting Bygg and Beyla on layaway. I'm taking commissions for doll clothes via my livejournal to try and pay for my half, and bring in money in general while I keep looking for work.

And (cause I know you'll see this Neko) I do plan to pay Jonathon for Narsha (and you back that last $40) before anything else, of course.