Friday, August 7, 2009

“I’ll get you, my pretties ...”

“... and your little blog, too!”

So I’ve had this picture in my mind of Arie sitting confusedly, or maybe indignantly, in a latte cup. And now I have another image of her standing partway in my white teapot, maybe with Libra and Pisce shoving her in like the Dormouse in Alice in Wonderland or trying to help her climb out. Which of the above, would depend entirely upon their little personalities, and that I won’t know until and unless they come home with me.

I don’t know why I think resin triplets are going to be any easier to deal with, personality-wise, than human ones. I think there will be the same likelihood of squabbles over socks, unless I assign a color for all their stuff as I did with my own girls’ socks when they were younger.

And I think one of them is supposed to be named Tempestt, like the actress Tempestt Bledsoe from “The Cosby Show”.

That would be a no. They might be teasing, but it seems they want to be Faith, Hope, and Charity. I wonder if I can make them miniature missionary nametags?

One thing I’m pretty sure of: Not one of them will take her babysitting money and buy a pair of hoochie-mama shorts.

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nekokoi said...

oooh! themed dolls are fun! i like the idea of Faith, Hope and Charity, Hope would have to be the one in the teapot in either scenario. xD

i'm gonna be doing Destiny, Nemesis and Justice next year. xD it would be fun to see our concepts and virtues interacting! <3