Monday, August 24, 2009

Group orders and splits and jargon, oh my!

So much to learn. It’s nice, if a little weird, to be learning from my kids instead of teaching you something I know. This is a whole new world for me, and you both speak the language fluently.

Nekokoi, would any of the girls like to come visit at my house for a week or so, one at a time? It occurs to me that that would be an easy way for me to get the extra measurements I need to make pattern slopers, to figure out how long to make necklaces, etc. I can measure, enter it on an Excel spreadsheet, measure some more, think about it for a couple of days, make other measurements, etc. I would send each of them home with a new necklace in the green/blue color family.

And I quite understand if the answer is “No, thank you.”

I rummaged about in my studio for awhile yesterday, but the pleating tool did not surface. I did, however, find my thread stash and my pressing hams and seam rolls. All of which are too large to be of much use in pressing seams on doll clothes.

I stitched down a few pleats on the skirt. Not enough to merit hauling out the camera. All in all, a balanced and restful day.

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nekokoi said...

that would be totally fine with me, though they don't all like green/blue. xD my girls have rather varied tastes, i'm just poor so they still have to share clothing. xD