Sunday, August 16, 2009

Treasure Trove!

I had a little falling-down at JoAnn’s yesterday. Half a yard of teal, hunter and cream plaid, 100% cotton but a hand like tissue-weight wool. And when I was heading to the checkout counter, I saw a bolt I had missed: another plaid vaguely reminiscent of the Black Watch tartan. Back to the cutting table I went.

Shown here with two bolts of ribbon, a package of doll buttons, and scissors which look like they will be the right size for photo shoots with Cuprit and Jessica. [But no partridge in a pear tree. I'd just have to pluck one and prune the other, anyway.]

Here is the peplum with the lighter plaid. As I had hoped, made for each other.

I can picture a necklace or blouse that picks up the accent colors. There is some excellent silk dupioni waiting back at the shop for my next paycheck. Mr. Rogers wants to know, can you say ballgown?

1 comment:

nekokoi said...

ooh, those look really nice together! i can't wait to see what you turn out from them, and i'd look forward to any ballgown sewing you set out to do. <3

i should e-mail you the link about re-sizing people-patterns for dolls.. if i can find it.