Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yes, those are itty-bitty beads.

Mill Hill size 8°, colorway 18831 [the peacock beads I used for MS3 (Mystery Stole 3)]. They will look even more impressive once the peplum starts to pleat up.

Lots of neat new pictures from NocturneOfSilence’s box opening. I actually like Cuprit’s default face-up, now that I can see it. But I prefer a more natural look, and between us we can do that. I love, love, love her ears. And I am again reassured about the color of her ice hooves.

I *thought* I put my Jessica on layaway last night. I forgot to put “layaway” in the comment box. I did not give them my credit card information, because I was spazzing at the total, and I replied to their confirmation email and on their website. Last night I ordered her with the default faceup, the sienna wig, and a pair of shoes that Rorek pointed out to me, which I just could not resist [EID Woman 02]. These are the 1940’s-inspired ones that look like buff patent leather, lower left corner of the page.

What have you ladies gotten me into? I had to do a little therapeutic knitting before I could sleep.

I woke up ahead of my alarm this morning, to two emails from Iplehouse. They canceled my order because I hadn’t gone through PayPal. So I resubmitted and added the black sandals [EID Woman 05 Black] and have ordered the money to be transferred to my PayPal account. Next time I will transfer the money ahead of time and then make a payment.

But at least my credit card won’t get hit for the entire amount.

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nekokoi said...

xD i find that thrilling! layaway makes it a little easier to stomach paying SO much for a doll, and the feeling of knowing another resin baby is coming home is incredible!

i can't wait to see your girls interacting with each other. <3