Monday, August 17, 2009

A smidgen more progress on the sweater

Nothing worth breaking out the camera for. I am experimenting with the waist shaping. For now, I’ve geared down to 0000 DP’s and 2x2 ribbing, with modifications at center back and center fronts. I need to do several more rows to see if the ribbing will draw the waistline in, or if I need to tink back and knit in some darts.

I am envisioning some creative shaping, as most of the fullness will need to come out of the back so as not to skew the fit around the hips. It would probably help to baste some silk sewing thread up the sides to show where the side seam should be on the bottom and where the center of the armscye will be.

I plan to knit this sweater back and forth up to the armscyes, then put the body on pause while I knit the sleeves in the round and graft them on. I am thinking raglan sleeves and a modest V-neck, but I may change my mind about the sleeve shaping.

It is something of a pain to switch from a 000 circular needle to three 0000’s holding the body stitches. I don’t think anybody makes 0000 circs.

Kurr will get me the additional measurements which I need, in a few days.

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nekokoi said...

yeah, so i read that and saw "blah blah numbers blah sweater measurements ..but good luck making it fit superbly! xD