Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tweaking the Blog

I couldn’t figure out why my blog description wasn’t showing up. So I went into Layout and realized that it was the same color as the background. Oye. *smacks forehead*

I have exchanged several PM’s with Kurr. She will be measuring her Cuprit for me. And she said the hooves are a lovely sky-blue. I can do sky-blue, LOL. I just was afraid they would be verging-on-cobalt, at which point you would probably have had to do an intervention.

Rorek, I did and do mean teal. I like teal, and aqua, and turquoise. And sky-blue. I also like some grey-blues. But powder blue [the color of two walls in my bedroom in Irving] and other true blues still set my teeth on edge. Freud would have a field day inside my head...

I am probably only going to do occasional mentions of doll stuff on the main blog, I think for the most part when I finish something for one doll or another, the way I do for any other knitting project. I will probably be fairly restrained over there. OK, relatively restrained, this is me we are talking about. And I will probably save most of the squeee-ing for over here.

This is not all to be interpreted as a request for you to tone it down in your comments over there; fire away! I know both of you have multiple journals which you edit accordingly. I will be doing the same.

I will probably not make it generally known how many BJD’s I plan to acquire in the course of the next year. Let them wonder, LOL! As long as I pay my bills and continue to chew my way out of debt and keep my priorities and actions in line with my values, then at 57 I think I have earned the right to be who I am.

I’m just delighted that you’ve figured out a place where our interests and talents all meet and we can play nicely together.

I think I’m going to tweak my layout some more. After Cuprit arrives, I’ll ask our virtual scrapbooker to make me a new banner.


nekokoi said...

i like the new colour scheme, it's my favourite things. xD i think it's funny that your Cuprit will end up mostly in "my" colours, and my Vesuvia will wear a lot of "your" colours. xD

we do understand the multiple blog thing. xD and the part about having fun as long as your bills are paid is right in line with my dolly philosophy. they make me happy, and they're not hurting anyone, so why not?

..and Roro and i had an idea for your banner, after your girl arrives, but it's kinda a secret for now. xD

Rorek said...

I agree with Neko. That's been my mantra for years. If my bills are paid, and my basic needs are met, it's no bodies' business but my own, how I spend the excess. That's of course assuming I have no debt.

And yeah, the two of us are cooking up an idea/plan for your banner, and as you've seen, we are pretty creative in that route, so let us take a crack at it, if you would.