Sunday, August 23, 2009


In a moment of pure insanity, I asked Nekokoi if I could go in on a split with her for my Beyla; she is getting both mini’s. I will probably regret not getting Bygg, sometime after it’s too late to order, but he doesn’t speak to me the way that his sister does.

There’s no sense getting a doll just to be getting a doll. I think she’s supposed to be Arie’s sister and partner- in-crime, but at this point I have no idea if she is Faith, Hope, or Charity.

Faith, trampling the evil sparks of doubt under her tiny hooves?

We won’t be sending in our order for another couple of weeks; I have time.



nekokoi said...

well technically this is a group order, not a split. a split would be if i was getting one part, and you another. combining for a total of two-and-one makes it a GO. xD either way, i'm totally in! *happy dance* but yeah, i'm thinking we can order and make the first payment in a few weeks, sliding our order in at the tail end of the order period. whoo!

Rorek said...

Seconding! A split would be, if Neko was only ordering one, or just wanted the outfits, or specific parts, and you were getting the other bits and pieces. Technically, ya'll are doing a group order. :] Very common, very useful.

I, Neko, Christy, and Jared, frequently group order. Usually with each other. :B