Monday, April 17, 2017

A very dolly Easter, with the Yo-SD's, and a surprise guest.

We have a lot more dolls in this size than in the tinies. These three are all Middlest's: Toby, on the left. Twinkle, the deertaur, holding the pink egg for Sarabelle, kneeling.

Middlest's Owen Sebastian.

Middlest's Simon Oliver.

Charity, looking wiped out with her full bucket.

Middlest's Doran, sulking as usual. (Yes, I made his sweater.)

Middlest's Noname (pronounced noNAHmeh, as he is currently without a proper name), the little daredevil who climbed to the top of the statue.

Faith and Middlest's Starshine. Faith is holding tightly to a pink egg and saying, "No, you can't have it. This one is mine." Starshine is not happy about that.

Middlest's Christopher Owen, getting ready to eat that blue egg, and Hope, reclining semi-gracefully on the piano keys, because she likes all things musical.

I nearly forgot Middlest's Link.

And bringing up the rear is Avery, who asks, "How could they miss all of these eggs?"

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bakayaro onna said...

Very cute photo story! Happy Easter!