Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Something my son-in-law said at my birthday party.

He didn't know (or had forgotten) that I have a blog. He suggested that I monetize it. I've resisted that on the primary blog for years and one of my dear young friends has monetized hers and is supporting her family of five quite nicely with the proceeds.

I'm toying with the idea of monetizing this blog. I may or may not have enough traffic to qualify. I know that I get annoyed as heck with the lifestyle blogs that Bloglovin' pushes at me. And I would love to boost the Etsy shops that I frequent, the doll companies I do business with, etc. I would probably also find new places to spend my doll money. That could be a mixed blessing [insert sheepish face here].

I don't have any pictures for you today, but I'm pleased to report that Avery's sweater is underway again. Knitting swathes of stockinette is something I can do in the car when I'm stuck at train crossings, drive-thrus, and long lights. I still need to catch the third sleeve up with the second sleeve, but that's a sit-still-and-focus task. And I need to order more laceweight from Knit Picks. They've come out with a handful of new colors which should play nicely with the ones that I already have.

I'm going to pray over the money thing and see if I can get some inspiration as to how I should proceed.

I'm off work tomorrow, so I hope to have progress shots for you when I post tomorrow night.

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