Sunday, April 2, 2017

Avery sleeves

Avery's sweater stalled out sometime before I went back East to pick up Middlest last year. I don't remember why.

This morning, during General Conference (of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), I carefully put the first sleeve back onto needles and cast on for the second sleeve. When I took this picture, I had just completed the two-row pattern of little purple squares. As of this writing, I am midway up the orange X-O pattern.

My plan is to knit the second sleeve to where I stopped on the first, fit them against Avery, and work both sleeves up to the armscye. I think I remember that I lacked an inch, but it was a year ago when I tried it on him, and I've slept since then. Once the sleeves are ready to join the body, then I will decide if I want it to be patterned as well, or if I just want to knit it plain up to the armscye and knit a patterned yoke as I do the raglan shaping. Or round yoke. Or whatever. He's got great shoulders and could carry off a round yoke. We shall see what the muse declares. Or what Avery insists on.

Changing topics slightly, that soft orange is a perfect match for the ties I bought to make skirts for Adela and the Nana I have my eye on next. It's the yarn I used to knit a wee sweater for Middlest's little guy, October.

I've spent some time this weekend browsing Etsy. There are Russian artisans who make beautiful furniture. And today I found a shop that makes Thonet rockers in doll scale. Not bentwood like the human scale ones, but carefully crafted plywood ones. I think that maker lives in Spain.

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