Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Five more bitty books.

After Knit Night and taking Fourthborn home, I ran by the other Half Price books in Arlington, as it's more or less along the way. (The one two weeks ago, in central Arlington, is a little out of the way, but then it's books we are talking about.) I was hoping to find more small books.

They were less per item than the ones I bought last week, and the manager very kindly knocked a significant portion off my tab "Because it's been a long time since Christmas."

In knitting news, I am about halfway up the back of the second tabard and nearly done with the salmon X-O pattern on the second sleeve of Avery's sweater (with most of the ends to date woven in).

I also shanked myself in the left calf while waiting for the elevator to go home after work. Says I to myself, "Did I just get bitten by something?" But no, there was a 0000 needle sticking out of the side of the bag. I haven't peeled out of my jeans yet to see if there's a visible mark on my leg.

Adela's arrival has been updated to "before the end of the day on Friday." I just don't want her to arrive on Saturday. We have important dolly fun planned, and I don't want to interrupt it to drive downtown to fetch her.

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