Monday, April 17, 2017

A very dolly Easter, with the tinies.

The raw materials: tiny buckets from the baby shower section of the party store; shot glasses to fit inside, because the warning on the box the buckets came in said "not for unpackaged food"; tissue paper to swathe the shot glasses and impersonate grass, and other tissue paper to foof the presentation, but I ended up trimming it because it stuck up too high.

The baskets, ready to rumble.

Middlest's Tober, determinedly climbing the statue to get that blue egg.

Middlest's Joey, looking bemused as always.

Middlest's Reji, tongue out from exertion.

Joy, looking contemplative.

Grace, straining to reach that yellow egg.

Chutzpah, making off with more than her share of eggs. "Whaat?.

Praise, sitting on the piano, having just hoisted up that egg from between her feet.

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bakayaro onna said...

Very cute photo story and the kids look so happy! Happy Easter!