Friday, October 16, 2009

Optional hands, revisited

I am still learning the ways of this new world. I posted to the Q&A at Iplehouse, asking them to add the optional hands to my order and bill me for the difference.

Wrong-o! They politely canceled my order, and I only found out on Wednesday. I am having log-in issues on their site. I can log in to post on the Q&A board, but not on the ordering page. It does not recognize my username, nor my password.

So I sent them the money on PayPal before going to bed last night, and I noted in the comment section that this was for the optional hands and not simply another payment on my initial order, and I included the order number and the parts number.

And then I went back to my original order [which I can access] and revised my shipping address slightly. This morning I also revised my Wednesday response to their cancellation and made a new post referencing the earlier string, since the original was buried on page 11. Both posts include my corrected shipping address. I want my Jessica here, not orbiting Pluto in tandem with my Cuprit!

I hope I have all the bases covered now. I also hope that I am in time to have them pour her optional hands in the same batch as the rest of her body, because I pay her off three weeks from today, so they might be working on her now.

*squee!* Was that a discreet-enough squee for a middle-aged woman?

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nekokoi said...

that was the most discreet "squee" i have ever come across. xD good job. i'm really excited for you though! i can't wait to see her!