Sunday, October 11, 2009

One possibly Ugly Duckling, to go!

I’m willing to show it here, but not yet on the main blog. This, obviously, is the back. I love the color shifts. And the side panels look awkward, now that there are sleeves.

The front is a little more presentable. A little.

I’m wondering if I ripped the sleeves back and did a double-decrease, at least for a bit, rather than only decreasing the side panel to down to nothing, if the shaping would be more graceful. It would certainly be interesting, and I would be able to make the sleeves longer, because they would taper twice as fast. I have a puff of yarn a little bigger than a golf ball leftover.

‘Tis a puzzlement.

I cast on four stitches to knit a belt or sash, knitted about four rows, and frogged it. Then I tried I-cord, because I liked it so well on the teal sweater. But the teal sweater is made from smooth yarn, and Noro is notoriously bumpy. It just looked amateurish, so I frogged that as well.

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