Sunday, October 25, 2009

I should not laugh.

I just discovered that on DZ, you can order a hand giving the Universal Gesture. I’ll pass, but I like the one with the peace sign. Useful for making bunny-ears when I have my triplets.

I like Kay’s face, and Ani’s [not dreaming]. Ani also has the virtue of costing a little over half what the other BBs do. She might make a good triplet, if I can order her before they discontinue her sculpt.

Here we have the tweaked skirt, tulle underskirt, and beaded belt for Jessica. I think I will save a big post on the main blog for when she gets here and I do her box-opening. BTW, that lace is more of a taupe than an ecru.

And I think I might cobble together a camisole or bodice from ribbons to go under her sweater until I can make her a proper blouse. I already have one spool of ribbon that goes with the skirt. If I bead the heck out of it, I can probably re-sell it once it’s served its purpose. I’ve PM’d a woman on DoA for some additional measurements so I can make it fit reasonably well. Failing that, I can delay the box-opening pictures and make it when she arrives and have it fit perfectly.

Oh rats! I think I just heard thunder! I need to run out into the yard and do a resin-sealing dance.

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Rorek said...

Ooooh! I love Dollzone Kay. I want a tan one and to do him up like Michael. He's a total cutie pie.