Saturday, October 3, 2009

New yarn, successfully resisted!

But noted for future reference. Elsebeth Lavolds Hempathy, a marled yarn where one strand is pale dusty rose and the other is pale caramel. It will knit up much like that brown and cream flecked sweater of mine, only more subtle. Vaguely tweedish. And it is just that much lighter than the lighter of the two ties which I cannibalized for the tie skirt. The name of the color is #23 Fauve [translation: tawny, but I always thought of tawny as more golden, and this is very rosy; I guess this is fauve in the sense that jade the fashion color bears no resemblance to jade the stone].

It looks like a light fingering weight, so it might be perfect for an Aran sweater or a gansey. The recommended gauge is 5.5 sts/inch, which puts it in sport yarn territory; I think I can force the gauge downward. It’s 41% cotton, 34% hemp, and 25% modal, so it may be no fun at all to knit. But I think I will pick up a ball or two next time I’m in the shop and cast on and see what happens.

I find it interesting in the box-opening photo shoots when people apologize for using flash. No capice. You know me; the great outdoors is lovely to behold but best beheld, behind plate glass windows, and with air conditioning.

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