Thursday, October 15, 2009

Still swatching, with not much to show for it.

Ace of Cakes is wonderfully entertaining, but not conducive to producing miles and miles of knitting. I keep looking up and getting engrossed in cakely drama. Can this cake be saved? dunh dunh dunh...

I think the one where they used all the fake [model] cakes for target practice is my favorite one so far.

I’ll give Nekokoi my third payment on Beyla a week from tomorrow; Jessica will be paid off two weeks after that [and probably here to celebrate Thanksgiving]. Unless there is a big surprise with the utility bills, I should have most or all of the money saved for Arie by the end of the year. When I’m ready to order her, I’ll check with y’all to see if you or C. or Wotan want to do a group order with me. Arie and Beyla might be getting here around the same time next year. Four dolls. Boggles the mind.

And then I can start saving for Bonnie Hopezs and a Puki or twelve. [Those little chubby faces and elfie-ears and crazy wigs!]

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