Saturday, October 10, 2009

Optional hands for Jessica!

They might be useful for pointing the finger at the triplets [when I have them, and they have gotten into mischief]. I saw the hands when I updated Iplehouse about my payment yesterday and have added them to my order.

Nekokoi, I looked on DoD’s website [not improved in the slightest, IMHO] for the default outfits featured in their event. Libra’s romper is cute, but for me it is not $45.00’s worth of adorable. I think I looked at all the default outfits, even the ones that are much too large to fit Arie, and none of them spoke to me. But thank you for the heads-up. I’m glad I looked.

I got the hem on the tie skirt about halfway redone yesterday. And I finished it after waking up far too early this morning. Picture on the main blog. Next logical step is to make the tulle underskirt, but I will save the cutting-out for after I have caught up on my sleep.

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nekokoi said...

oh there's a shot of the circus Jessica using that pointing hand to shush circus Akando. it was one of the most alluring (and fully clothed!) stock photos i've ever seen. i imagine they will also be good for imperious pointing at unruly children. xD