Thursday, May 25, 2017

We have a name for her. And I'm definitely in trouble.

As you know, I've been dithering over what to rename my new Adela. She's doll #15, and I've used most of the good "virtue" names already. I was brainstorming with Middlest and Fourthborn last night.

She's bubbly and a little feisty, so Serenity is out, except as an exercise in irony. I'm saving Mercy for an SD, so that's out as well. When I went to bed last night, I was thinking maybe Allegria, as "allegresse" is French for elation, but that wasn't quite it, either.

This morning I was pondering about the power of music for a talk I'm giving in church on Sunday. And I looked at her and said, "Harmony???" Success at last!

Also, I'm adopting Fourthborn's DOT E-An, but whether she becomes Mercy (which is what I thought last night) or Justice remains to be seen. Part of last night's discussion with my kids was about the fact that Nemesis or Justice is frequently female and typically shown as being blind. They also reminded me that Artemis was the female hunter, and Apollo was the male artist.

I spent a few minutes on the Iplehouse website, drooling over some of the EID men, who I know are way too heavy for me to wrangle, and on Middlest's recommendation looking at the SID young men, who are about a pound lighter on average. Middlest was amazed that I was even thinking about getting a male doll. Frankly, I was a little amazed myself. Steadfast is the lonely little onion in a petunia patch. With the addition of E-An, who is only barely strung together on the dining room table, Steadfast is now outnumbered 15 to 1.

Back to the blindness thing. Since I see Justice as a sort of Robin Hood figure, only without the stealing (because hello, virtue) a blind protector with a crossbow on his/her back is kind of a scary proposition. So I'm thinking either extremely near-sighted and needing glasses, or maybe with a patch over one eye?

Crossbow accident? I wonder how effective a one-eyed crossbow hunter would be.

All these years of collecting dolls, and I haven't gotten into the elaborate stories or relationships that a lot of the local collectors create. Middlest and Fourthborn have created entire worlds where their dolls live. I've just bought dolls and knitted for them and occasionally blown the dust off their wigs. I've kind of thought of Blessing as a very proper librarian, and Celeste as a mischief maker. Grace is Steadfast's baby sister. Probably. And Chutzpah may be their cousin.

Buying the alchemist's bookcase and adding to my collection of small books and buying the harp have begun to open up a different sort of creativity to me.

And now if you will kindly excuse me, I'm going to go browsing for E-An's partner in crime virtue.

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