Saturday, May 13, 2017

She didn't want the harp, so I gave her the world.

She's only pretending to ignore it. I spent a little time Googling and found a bunch of free vintage travel posters, which I've saved to Word and will may eventually print out.

It's not as out of scale as it looks in this picture. To my way of thinking a globe should be about a cubit in diameter (elbow to fingertip), and this one is a little smaller than a Blessing-cubit. I just didn't want to squat or kneel in order to be at eye level with her. And I have to find her a better table. This one is something that followed me home from Daiso a few months ago. It's been hiding behind a silk ficus and the tinies in the living room since them.

I was browsing the site where I bought the alchemist's bookcase, and she now has new stuff. All of which I want. Standing desk. Writing desk. Or this other writing desk.

And a MacKenzie-Childs inspired chair and bed are starting to assemble themselves in my mind. That would be a whole lot of painting. I wish I had pictures of the folk art beds I painted for my kids when we moved to Arlington. That was a deeply joyful experience in an excruciatingly stressful time. My hands are 24 years older. I don't know if I could repeat it at doll scale.

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