Monday, May 22, 2017

Be-wigged, but still nameless

The box from Mint on Card arrived at work today, as did the small packet from FiniRibbon. I tried on the "strawberry blonde" wig, and it was nowhere near as ruddy as I'd hoped, plus the fiber was nearly as shiny as sequins. Did nothing for my little bald girl, and I hope to send it back for credit tomorrow. The (real) mohair wig was cute, and a bit too small, so it will go back as well.

This, however, is perfection. It fits her head. It suits her coloring. It doesn't overpower the pink dress she is wearing. And those adorable ears peek out nicely on either side.

This is what it looks like in the back. I will need to get a silicone wig cap, but Middlest says that Luts wigs tend not to transfer color onto the resin as much as other brands. So I'll save that for my next order.

I was hoping to get a more accurate read on the color in this shot, but it's still too yellow, and her face is all washed out.

It's 11:00p.m. I'm so done.

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