Sunday, May 14, 2017


I moved a few things around. The alchemist's bookcase is now on top of a dresser in my room. I filled all of the bottom shelf and parts of the next two with books I've purchased over the past several years, including those I bought during recent raids of forays into Half Price Books. There wasn't room in the bookcase for everything which came with it, so I grabbed the red cabinet that used to hang above the commode in the master loo and has been waiting quietly in a corner of my room for a little over a year for me to decide how best to re-purpose it. I put most of the filled jars inside it.

The red stool is a plant stand that had been Celeste's perch for several years, until she claimed the harp. She is borrowing Blessing's chair until I can find or make a proper chair for her. The framed picture is a fortune from when I was serving as Relief Society president in Fort Worth. It reads "You have executive ability." (It never fails to make me giggle.) I rediscovered it in the cabinet in the guest loo when I was looking for something else. The two ceramic squirrels were made by my Aunt Sadie, and I inherited them when she passed in 1985. And as you can see, the new globe looks much better atop the stool than it did on that cheap table from Daiso.

What about all the other books that came with the alchemist's bookcase? They are in a small box that I bought at Daiso and will be the start of a library for my MSDs or possibly my YoSDs.No picture at this time.

And here you have Blessing, blissed-out in her own little corner of the world.

I think she's thinking about knitting. I know I am.

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