Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I think I'm in trouble.

I still haven't settled on a new name for no-longer-bald Adela.

But I'm working out the storyline for two other dolls, neither of whom I own. Possibly brother and sister, possibly fraternal twins. The boy is Justice. The girl is Mercy. Justice is not an avenger; he is an extremely skilled defender of the weak and helpless. Mercy is a healer, and she shares the apothecary stuff with Blessing. Blessing would be the research librarian. Mercy would be patching up broken wings and broken hearts.

Justice could be a girl. Wonder Woman comes to mind. And Fourthborn has a naked SD girl in my studio, waiting to be re-homed. And that would save me lots of research on SD boys that are as gorgeous as Iplehouse men but don't weigh almost six pounds.

I need to go to bed. Now. While visions of trebuchets dance in my head.

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