Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Counting to ten. (OK, not quite.)

I've been counting rows for a few days, trying to determine exactly how many rows it takes to equal an inch in length. My best guess was 20, but the eight rows I've added recently add up to almost exactly half an inch. I am just under two inches from where the sleeves will join on.

I keep checking the wig order that I placed in the wee hours of Saturday morning. It still says "pending" on the condensed page and "picking" on the order form. I'm wondering if it really takes three days to find a wig in the warehouse, or if they are short-handed, or if there were 10,000 Maniacs insomniacs placing orders when I did.

Expected shipping date on the breakfast-in-bed tray is Friday. She'll contact me when it's ready to ship, and it's only coming from Austin, not California like the wig order.

I am knackered from this morning's physical therapy session. Time for me to go do the two exercises that I'm supposed to do twice a day, and then it's lights out for Ms. Ravelled.

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