Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A little more progress on Avery's sweater, and an incredible offer.

My friend T is a skilled costumer. Tonight at our knitting group he asked if I would be interested in having him make a Cavalier gown for one of my larger dolls. I came home, googled the queen he had mentioned, and found an image of the dress he had in mind. It's gorgeous, and Celeste would be lovely in it.

There's just one problem: the bodice is insufficiently modest by my standards. Yes, it's the style of the times; however, for the most part my dolls are dressed in clothing that could be worn in good conscience by a temple-worthy Latter-day Saint. I don't look at my doll friends as grist for proselyting, but I want to maintain consistent standards for the dolls and me, so that if one of my friends expresses curiosity about the church, there is no dissonance between how I dress and how the dolls dress.

I fear that we have an irresistible force / immovable object situation regarding the gown. I strongly suspect that T's standards will not allow him to alter the bodice, while mine will not allow my doll to expose her shoulders and most of her bosom.

Here is a link to the gown.

I added maybe a quarter of an inch to the length of Avery's sweater body. Seriously anticlimactic, compared to that gown.

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