Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yesterday was productive!

I sold four pieces of English china for a reasonable price, six DVD’s, and a CD; I was able to give Nekokoi the deposit for my Beyla.

I put three more rows on Cuprit’s sweater. I am keeping track of the rows as I work them, so I have a pattern worth selling when I am finished. I may choose not to sell it, but I want it to be that good.

Larxene [Nekokoi’s DoT (Shall?)] is visiting for a week or so. Three reasons: (1) so I can figure out how big to make necklaces for a doll this size; (2) so I can draft pattern slopers for her body; and (3) so I can get used to playing with dolls. It’s been awhile! Right now she is sitting on the couch, looking bored, and the couch is a mess again; ergo, no pictures. But I will see if I can scare up some gingham on the way home from work tonight for pattern draping purposes, and I will also look for my tatting shuttles.

Let the fun begin!

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nekokoi said...

she's actually an E-An in a Shall default wig, so the confusion is allowed. xD she's the one getting Cuprit's default wig too. <3

and i hope you have fun together. so far as the pattern-fitting goes, will you also want the boys? and the different body types? if you wanna cover every conceivable angle, i can help with 6 more- DoT girl type 2, DoT boy, DoC girl type 2, DoC long leg boy (old type), Kid Delf girl, and Tiny Gem.