Monday, August 31, 2009

Hip yoke pleats are done.

As stated on the other blog, I have decided upon a French seam and have pinned the seam accordingly. I haven’t decided if I will stitch it by hand or by machine; I think it would press out flatter if I machine-stitched it, but hand-sewn seams are softer and more flexible.

And I haven’t decided how I will finish it off at the waist, if I will attach the pleated section to a hip yoke or ease-stitch it to a ribbon waistband. A machine-stitched seam means I could chop it off however long it needs to be when I hem the skirt. Meanwhile, it looks pretty nifty draped across the back of the couch while I make up my mind.

I did take five or ten minutes yesterday and reorganize my threads, breaking them down by fiber content.

And I still haven’t edited my hard copy of the last three rows on Cuprit’s sweater. I think that will be one of the next projects. I just need a few minutes when I’m well-rested and undistracted. Maybe tonight after work, or maybe during my lunch hour.

Interesting debate over on DoA about the Dutch? Belgian? artist who is or will be exhibiting in France and who is apparently a big-time plagiarist.

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