Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stuff I thought about at work yesterday, between projects.

When I checked on DoA last night, there were two Cuprit arrivals and three additional shipping notices. I don’t expect to see mine until late September or early October, but one can always hope.

After seeing the photos from Kurr’s box-opening Thursday night on DoA, and noting the lovely dark aqua of Cuprit’s ice hooves, I am thinking that she will probably look best in teals, turquoises, purples, greens, and some shades of brown. Probably not the reds and purples we [OK, I] originally had in mind. I think the wonderfully bright wig that Fourthborn picked out is probably still a “go”, but if not we can see if Jessica likes it.

I certainly like it. If my head were that size, I would wear it, but maybe not in Texas, in August…

I am thinking a plum to burgundy or cranberry manicure and pedicure for Cuprit, although she might do well with a coppery coral. And that might be another good option for her wardrobe. A lot will depend upon her skin color. Never did I dream that at 57, I would be playing “Color Me Beautiful” with dolls.

I wonder how she would look with a light dusting of freckles? Or a teal-ish wig for when she’s feeling glamorous? [Does anybody make one? Soom, DOD, and Iplehouse do not; aqua yes, teal no.] An ethnically-inspired necklace of real turquoise and silver beads; oh, how I would love to see her with the squash blossom necklace that I cannot afford for myself.

And I think my 100% silk laceweight Clapotis is in danger of being frogged. I keep envisioning it as a tunic for Cuprit.


nekokoi said...

somehow no one expected the hooves to be SO blue. we figured it was just SOOM over-photoshopping again. xD the pics Midenitestar took in the soom store were much lighter and revealed the ice crown to be almost clear.

if the wig i picked doesn't work, we can try a few others i have to see what does work. ..though my choices in her size are pretty much blonde and whiteish silver. xD

i dunno about a teal wig, freckles are totally a possibility though. if you wanna come over while i do her faceup, you can chime in during the process (and learn too!)'re arty enough that you could probably do a faceup yourself after just one lesson. xD

Rorek said...

My Doran is a very pale resin, and I suspect your Cuprit will be that same creamy white, as most of the limited dolls are done in the white skintone. His resin has some natural yellow tones, and in daylight, a very faint green cast. You might expect the same for your girl. I don't know if Nicolai's resin looks the same, but he and Doran were from about the same batch I'd say, since they shipped 12 hours apart.

Now when you say 'teal' do you REALLY mean teal, or are you avoiding using the word blue? Cause there are some companies that make blue and teal wigs. I think Leeke has some blue/teal wigs, and I know there are some other companies. I'd ask around on DOA.