Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I may have gotten distracted...

In theory I am working on Firstborn’s socks. [I did work on them on the train ride in, so I’m not entirely slacking.] In reality I am working on this.

I completed the first decrease row on the peplum while at Knit Night. 193 stitches down to 159 in one swell foop. Yes, I am taking notes. This may end up as a commercial pattern someday.

As is often the case, my gauge on the actual item is different from my gauge swatch, due in part to the fact that I worked the swatch on cheapie aluminum DP’s and am knitting the sweater on my trusty Addi 000 circ. I had been afraid that I would need to gear down to my 0000 DP’s when I got to this point [which is why they went with me to Sunday night’s party], but I just did a quick visual comparison of this gauge with the portion above the bell on my swatch. Virtually indistinguishable.

I love how just these first paired decreases are are already starting to make the ribbing bell and swirl. I think this part of the sweater is going to look fabulous flowing down over Cuprit’s slim hips. And I suspect that even were the sweater large enough to fit, it would be overkill on Jessica, whose curves are 1950’s-era lush.

That’s it for today. I need to go block the lace scarf for my friend Jenifer so I can put in Friday’s mail.

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nekokoi said...

it's looking really nice so far! i'm sure it'll look amazing on her when she finally comes home. <3