Friday, August 28, 2009

This will not be news to some of you :)

Nekokoi set up the layaway on our hoofies yesterday. Beyla, Bygg, and Beyla [sounds like a Transylvanian law firm] will be here in a few months. And the cool thing is, if I make something to fit her Glati, it should fit my Beyla.

I am still rummaging around in drawers and boxes, looking for tatting shuttles and organizing my studio [if only incrementally] as I go. This morning I took all my spools of G├╝termann thread out of the uppermost “sewing stuff” drawer in one of my rolling cabinets and arranged them by color family on a thread rack. I found a couple more spools of silk thread, woohoo! Eventually I probably ought to have one thread rack for cotton thread, one for polyester, one for silk, and one for novelty threads. But for now I don’t have enough thread to justify that. And I should probably buy a second serger thread organizer box. That would keep things corralled and dust-free.

It would also help to have one small container just for sewing machine bobbins; I have more bobbins than space in the box which came with my Bernina. And another container for elastic, one for hooks and eyes and snaps, and one for miscellaneous small tools.

I found two more spools of ribbon and put them on the dowel. Puttering sessions like this really get my day off to a good start!

One of these days, one of these days, I will be able to set up the serger and get some lessons from Nekokoi, and then look out Loretta!

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nekokoi said...

Beyla, Bygg and Beyla does sound like a law firm. xD and yes indeed, sewing to fit Nicolai will make things that'll fit your hoofy. xD i resized old Barbie clothes (fitting them on him) for my eventually-incoming Hati, Momo. xD