Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rorek, I’ve connected with your friend J!

I messaged her on Facebook and told her how to find me on DoA. She seems very nice, and she’s definitely a gifted milliner. I’m so glad that you linked to her pictures! Once my budget recovers from Jessica and Beyla, I am going to want to commission a hat to go with the tie skirt and the retro sweater I’m still swatching.

Brief U2 moment: a wisp of melody in the back of my head, and the words And I still haven’t [knit] what I’m [swatching] for...

I need to make up my mind and knit something, because Iplehouse has confirmed that Jessica is ready to ship, and they now know when I will be making that last payment. She will be paid off in two and a half weeks, possibly here in three. And I want to put her in a sweater that is both modest and well-fitting.

I am hoping that Cuprit [finally!!!] arrives before Jessica, because we have had so much dolly drama, and I don’t want her arrival to be anticlimactic. She’s magnificent, and she deserves a royal welcome.

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