Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blush pink silk dupioni

It’s kind of a funny color. Not really pink, not really peach, not really beige. But it goes well with the tie skirt, the underskirt, and the belt. Behold:

I did a little search on DoA and discovered that a woman I had PM’d a couple of months ago about something else, also does clothing and costume commissions (PamSD). Beautiful work! I’ve PM’d her again, asking for measurements so that I can make a peasant-ish tunic to go with the skirt for the box opening and properly fit the shrug I am knitting around Jessica’s girl bits. If she’s willing to share them, then I can whip up the tunic and finish the skirt before Jessica arrives. And if not [quite understandable, and I wouldn’t be upset], then I will just delay the box opening until I can present her fully-dressed.

Sigh...still no word on my allegedly re-shipped Cuprit.

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