Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another small falling-down at JoAnn’s

I think the taupe lace, which took my breath away when I first spotted it and was the impetus for last weekend’s jaunt, will go at or near the hem of the necktie skirt. It might be a little too heavy to sew directly to the tulle underskirt. [I had to buy it; it was on sale!]

It might get utilized in two or more pieces; I can visualize cutting the curved edge away from the lattice, using the lattice on a jacket or vest, and appliquéing the curved portion directly to the hem of the skirt between tie points. I fitted it by eye last weekend, and visually it would work.

The rest of this is just-because. The bits of passementerie at the top are for a belt. What looks like a caramel blur of lace is more a rich milk-chocolate shade. It will go somewhere, eventually.

And, we’re on shipping again for Cuprit, woohoo!

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