Saturday, September 5, 2009

My first meet-up + crafting progress

No, I did not remember to take pictures. I was too busy having fun! I met Lissmiss and her hubby and her doll, and I knitted. The venue was too noisy for consistently clear conversation.

Earlier in the day, I frogged about five rows on Cuprit’s sweater until I figured out where I was on my chart. I have since reclaimed that progress and added a few more rows beyond that. Before I went to bed last night, I took a few minutes and typed up the last several rows. I even used the “hide text” feature that I’ve learned at work so that my blocks of canned text for the increases would not show when I printed off a fresh page to take more notes.

Lissmiss told me there is an excellent tutorial on DoA on how to make a dress form for any size doll, using a plastic bag and either cellophane tape or masking tape.

I also found several links for metric graph paper online and will be printing off a page or two; I already have a link for knitter’s graph paper bookmarked so that eventually I will be able to graph out this sweater as well as have the written instructions. I am about halfway between the waist and the armscye and am keeping my focus on the shaping in back while guessing at the increases for the curves in front. I am learning so much on this piece!

I would like to reach the armscye today and cast on for the sleeves. I also need to start thinking about the neck shaping.

And I will probably pick up the clasps for the two necklaces while I am out and about today.

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