Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I’m liking this better.

Eyelets for a drawstring at the waist. Not sure at this point if it will be ribbon or I-cord. Then 12 rows of plain stockinette before switching to the next size larger needle to make it big enough to fit over Cuprit’s girlage without having to calculate where increase stitches would go. I geared back down once I passed the fullest part.

This went a whole lot faster than the first version. Though I did have one of those hrmmm moments and stopped to count the number of eyelets. [Odd = bad, even = good; guess what I came up with?] So I ripped back to the eyelet row, hauled out my new 2mm graph paper, and doodled until I came up with something symmetrical and even-numbered.

[Picture would go here, but Blogger is being wonky; you’ll just have to be patient.]

All that sock knitting is paying off, now that I’m knitting the sleeve. Magic Loop is a lovely, versatile technique, but it’s easy to get the tension wrong when switching from one half of the loop to the next, and end up with a visible “seam” on either side. Thus far [knock wood] I am getting a lovely, smooth tube.

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nekokoi said...

that sounds super cute! i can't wait to see the finished thing on her with the skirt. <3 and the HOOVES! xD