Friday, September 18, 2009

Mini-meet tonight!

I wonder if Cuprit’s sweater and skirt would fit on the paper dress form I bought a few years ago and have still not embellished?

Actually, it’s not bad. Not worth digging out the camera for, but not bad. The torso length is all wrong, and the waist is too full for the waistband, but it’s nothing that a couple of well-placed straight pins couldn’t handle.

I made another trip to JoAnn’s after yesterday’s trip to the Post Office. Picked up the right shade of silk thread to make a tie skirt for Cuprit and/or Jessica. I have the pattern piece drafted; now it’s just a matter of taking the neckties apart and cutting the pieces out. I may trace the template onto freezer paper and press that to the wrong side of the silk. That would certainly make it easier to stitch the seams without stretching them.

Oh rats! I have the hiccups.

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