Saturday, September 12, 2009

Shipping notice! Yeehawwww!

Here is my text exchange with Nekokoi yesterday, for your amusement.

Nekokoi: “Cuprit shipped this morning! ♥ I’ll send you the tracking info this afternoon when I get home from work.”
Me: “Woohoo!”
Nekokoi: “I know! Guaranteed delivery by September 17, though she could arrive a little sooner ♥”
Me: “Which means I could take her to Le Peep next Friday. Want to come with? Can we get her faceup and blushing done by then?”
Nekokoi: “Probably yeah ☺ it honestly depends on the weather. You can’t seal if it’s too humid.”
Me: *pouts*
Nekokoi: “☺ Ha ha. If the weather cooperates, we can have her done within an hour or so of the box opening. ♥”
Me: “OK, I’ll start praying. You look around for a demon teddy bear to sacrifice.”
Nekokoi: “☺ Did I tell you about the time we sacrificed that teddy bear?”
Me: “Yes, that’s why I said it. ☺”
Nekokoi: “Well, I didn’t know if it was clairvoyance ☺. It’s been a long morning already.”

Clairvoyance? I can’t even find my feet without my glasses on!

I bound off the neck on Cuprit’s sweater this morning. At this writing, I have picked up the stitches for the left front button band, using the bundle of yarn leftover from the long-tail cast-on at the peplum.

I added another tiny bead at the hem before I started picking up the stitches and will do the same on the other side; I thought it would look a little funny to have beads only delineating the purl parts of the godets and be asymmetrical with the knit parts on the very front of the sweater, where it would be most visible.

I have also threaded eight of the eighteen button-beads I will need, onto carrying thread. Naturally, I only had eight beads, because I had made those two necklaces. Which I am not going to take apart.

So it’s back to the bead store for me; I’ll do that on the way home from visiting the Bittiest member of the tribe and his family, after having lunch with BestFriend and before having dinner with one of the sisters I visit teach.

Pictures on today’s post on the other blog, when I get around to it.

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nekokoi said...

Demon Teddy Bear sacrifice FTW. xD i am so excited. i'm checking the tracking like every hour. xD