Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wanted: Cuprit

Current status of dolly drama is over on the main blog. Meanwhile, here is Nicolai, helping me transcribe a tape for one of my lawyers. [My friends who saw him, both at work and at Knit Night, thought he was adorable. I have smart friends!]

I am hoping to get him measured tonight. I neglected to take my toolkit in my knitting bag yesterday, so he was at work, and the tape measure was at home.

I might have found my third triplet over on Leekeworld last night. Rorek, thank you for those links. I saved the email for future reference.


nekokoi said...

i think that's the cutest pic taken of him like, ever. xD your phone makes a better dolly laptop too.

Rorek said...

<_< My friend Steve once linked me to a site that sold tiny laptops (not real obviously) perfectly SD scaled. It was a teddybear company. I think it may have been THE Vermont Teddybear company. They were about $15.