Friday, September 4, 2009

Guilt-free dolly knitting!

Firstborn’s socks are done. I need something quick, with fat yarn, as a palate cleanser; then I’ll be ready to finish Cuprit’s sweater. So I am frogging a scarf that I began some time ago from a yarn that is more appropriate for a pair of boot socks, and I’ll make a pair to wear while sitting on the couch this winter with my knitting or my sewing and my dolls.

I have my map printed for tonight’s mini-meet in Farmers Branch. Thank you, Nekokoi, for giving me permission to take Larxene.

I had an interesting email exchange with my insurance agent a few days ago. I can insure my dolls on a special policy where we agree upon the value [as provided by the invoices], and there is a small annual premium with no deductible. So if the house were hit by a tornado or other covered cause of loss and my dolls were destroyed, I would get a check for what I paid for them, separately from the settlement on my renter’s insurance policy, which would cover the value of the rest of my possessions.

The cost? The minimum policy would cover $2400 worth of dolls and cost about what one pair of shoes for them costs. Let me know if you are interested, and I will put you in touch with my insurance agent. Rorek, I can also look up an agent who would be local to you.

Nekokoi, I will need the original bill of lading when Cuprit arrives. I will scan it at the office and use Acrobat to strike out the portions that do not apply to the parts I am keeping, and then I can give it back to you for your own records.

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Rorek said...

Nick and I were discussing the merits of insuring the dolls shortly before we split. Or rather, right about when my dolls ballooned from 2, to 6, which was several months previous.

We ended up not doing anything because the various insurance policies would have required receipts from the companies, and security numbers engraved into the dolls. Neither of which was suitable for my needs.