Tuesday, September 15, 2009

She’s in Arlington? At the Post Office?

Cuprit is lurking in the vicinity. She did not make it to Nekokoi’s office yesterday. Probably just as well; I woke up in the wee hours and was seriously short on sleep.

Plus, her skirt wasn’t finished. And I had some church responsibilities to attend to.

Now I’m closer to being ready. The duffel bag is packed. Larxene is back in her own clothing and swaddled within an inch of her life. The cannibalized T-shirt parts that I’m giving to Nekokoi are in there with her, as is her new necklace, and Dolly the Llama, and Cuprit’s sweater and necklace.

Skirt still isn’t finished. Looks like I will be sewing on my breaks at work today. And I think I will bag up and bring all of my watercolor pencils, just in case the weather cooperates for a faceup.

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nekokoi said...

i did schedule a redelivery for today, so she should make it to me during working hours.

and indeed, if the weather behaves and stays relatively dry, she could have her face done up tonight! <3 huzzah!