Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mini-meet at Borders last night.

These are for you, Rorek. Momo hiding away behind Nicolai. And three other dolls whose names and owners I don’t remember.

A cute boy with a scarred nose that I thought was clever, and enchanting.

A little pink terror, trouncing the giant elf boy [love his ears!]. She had already thrown her glasses and her wig, more than once.

A very sweet PukiPuki.

Beyla is now half paid for. I handed over the cash at dinner last night. And once I got home, I took another squint at the new monthly doll after Nekokoi said he was a dragon. [With those horns, I’d thought he was a stag.] I’m right there with everybody else on the Photoshopping. Glamour is all very well and good, but I want to see what I’m buying. Or would be buying, if I were buying him, which I am not.

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Rorek said...

Thank you Mom! You got some lovely photos! XD Aren't the pukis just tiny and darling? :] I love Cupid and Pong Pong with their cute happy faces. :3