Saturday, April 8, 2017

Yes, I have sticks in my fridge.

Yes, I have sticks in my fridge. Don't you?

I can't remember if I shared this picture of a window at the quilt shop, where long sticks were wrapped with fabric scraps and displayed in a tall vase.

I picked these up in my front yard this morning. They're in the freezer to kill any wildlife that may have burrowed into or laid eggs on or in them. I was going to bake them at a low temperature, but my kids informed me that googling "drying vegetable matter in a low oven" might get me a visit from the DEA. So, no. These will (eventually) get wrapped to make a doll-scale arrangement.

I may or may not already have a suitable container for them. First item of business is to get them ready to display. When the twigs are ready, the container will appear.

I think we may have a name for the new doll: Serenity. I was thinking Felicity, but the consensus at our dolly work party this afternoon was that it was almost what we were looking for, but not quite.

Got notification from the artisan near Chicago that the harp and bookcase have shipped! Now to figure out where they will go once they arrive.

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