Friday, April 7, 2017

New girl in town.

Still unnamed. And un-wigged. Inside the shipping box was this really great carrier.

Middlest set her eyes in. (I'm scared to try.) They look pale brown in this picture, but they're actually a very soft lilac. And they're glass eyes, so no need to upgrade from acrylic. Her faceup is perfect. The horn is held on with magnets, but we're going to have to gently glue it on, because the magnet inside her head is dremeled in, and it's not centered in the space for the horn, so the horn wants to shift an eighth of an inch off-center.

I will need to launder the pink floofy outfit. There are stains on the white shift that goes under the pink overdress. But Fourthborn's dental bill will get credited for an agreed amount, so everybody wins.

And the doll will probably get a minor boob job (via sandpaper) in the near future. It's just not that cold in this house.

Tomorrow, after the humans have all rested, we will look through another box of Middlest's wigs to see if there's a temporary fix. And I will start researching wigs online. And figuring out what virtue this girl embodies. She has the happiest mouth I've ever seen in a BJD.

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