Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Progress on Avery's sweater.

I've done a lot of knitting today. This doesn't look like much, but it's eleven rows of stockinette above six rows of garter stitch. I've done at least eight of those rows since I woke up. Eight rows x 134 stitches per row equals 1,072 stitches. Not counting the ones that slipped off the tips of my needles and had to be caught and re-knitted.

By my calculations the sweater body needs to be 5 3/8 inches long before I join the sleeves. I spent the better part of an hour working out the math for the raglan decreases. This piece is 7/8 inch long. We are talking something like 104 rows from the bottom of the sweater to the armscye.

Yeah. I'm a little bit crazy.

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