Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Still not moderated on DoA

So I sent them an email.

Love the Iplehouse Jessica doll. Don’t understand why people want to do lingerie shots with dolls; seems more than a little squick to me. Any dolls I get will dress like ladies, thank you very much!

Checked DoA again just before bedtime. Still no posting privileges. *Snif!*

Nekokoi, Wednesdays and Thursdays are generally not good for me. I typically have presidency meetings on Wednesdays or make official visits, and Thursdays are usually for visiting teaching. Monday would work. I understand that Tuesdays are crazy-busy for you, but they’re a day I would be in Arlington anyway. We’ll figure something out.

Though I can’t imagine either of us waiting patiently from mid-week until a Saturday ;)


nekokoi said...

well whenever it happens, it happens. *shrug* it's not really up to us when she'll ship anyhow. xD

Rorek said...

Christy's brother has ordered a Jessica in tanskin, from the limited run. :] And the pretty underwear isn't necessarily a sexual thing. Pretty girls need pretty under things. :D Christy doesn't want you to get the wrong impression about Jared. He's a man who appreciates the girl dolls for the pretty things they are, not some weird pervert. :B