Friday, July 24, 2009

Lady in Waiting

Waiting, waiting, waiting for my first doll since Barbie: a Soom Super Gem Legend Black Frost Cuprit; she is 68cm tall and should be here by Fourthborn’s birthday in October! Fourthborn will do her face-up and body painting and manicure; the default face-up does zilch for me, but Fourthborn’s photoshopped version is much warmer and friendlier.

This is Fourthborn’s jaw-droppingly generous birthday gift to me, and she is starting to feed me links to costumes, wigs, etc. She will be keeping the wings and the tiara; I can always order another set of wings later on.

I am already a member of two doll groups over on Ravelry. I am going to use this blog for pictures of dolls and doll clothing and the like; that will leave the other blog for knitting and general pontificating.

And once my doll arrives, I will ask Secondborn to work her magic and come up with a spiffy header for this blog, as she did for the other. My Cuprit is as Irish as they come, with a Gaelic name to match, so expect to see lots of greens and browns here as compared with the reds and browns on my primary blog.

In the meantime, I want to make doll clothes and I want to make sure that they fit, so I am pretty much limited to daydreaming about which sweater patterns to modify to fit her. One thing for sure: my doll will not be traipsing about in her skivvies like the default model!


Rorek said...

I believe Christy may already have some patterns to fit her brother's Beryl. Either way, I'll send you any patterns I make or find, that will fit your Cuprit. Do you have a name picked for her already?

nekokoi said...

i'm so excited with you! xD i can't wait to paint your beautiful girl. <3