Tuesday, July 28, 2009


When I picked up Nekokoi after work so we could attend her sister’s birthday party, she told me about the teaser photos Soom had released for Cass. I checked them out when I got home.

Cass is lovely! She is imaginatively designed, and I can see why people are buzzing. Thankfully for my budget, she does not speak to me.

I noodled around on DoA for a few minutes. I am still not fully moderated. Thankfully, there is knitting as an alternative to thumb-twiddling. So I am going to knit and wish ~ in a non-angsty way ~ that my Cuprit were here.

I asked Nekokoi to wait, when Cuprit does arrive, for me to be there so we can do the ceremonial photographing-of-the-unveiling. I could see the kid in her arguing with the grownup. [Mostly] my doll. Therefore [mostly] mine to unwrap.

I am hoping that Cuprit arrives on a Tuesday, so that I will not have to make two trips to Arlington that week. Nekokoi is hoping she does not arrive on Tuesday, because that is her busiest day at work, and she needs no distractions.

Capice. I remember how it was when I was still working switchboard, and my yarn order would arrive in the 11:00 mail, and I had to focus on everybody else’s mail before opening my own.

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nekokoi said...

i still have to pay off my Hati/Skoll layaway.. and my phone bill, but if i can get together 1/4 of my total cost by like, the 15th, i think i can swing getting her. X.x

and i think a Wednesday arrival would be ideal.. or Monday maybe xD mine tend to fall on Thurday or Friday though.. speaking from previous experience. *shrug* we're still a ways from there though.