Tuesday, July 4, 2017


One wooden box, missing its lid. I don't remember buying this or receiving it as a gift, so it probably belonged to First Wife or Mother-in-Love. A little water damage on the bottom.

Drawer knobs from Hobby Lobby.

Feet installed, with the metal knob bases flipped 180 degrees on the bolt to make a more substantial join to the box (and also to cover those little white nibs where the previous feet were broken off).

Inside view.

A red leather circle cut from an old Franklin Planner that I've been saving for "someday". I stitched it to a square of cotton quilt batting, which I then arranged over a circle cut from some of the upholstery foam that padded the legs of Celeste's chair while in transit.

The finished footstool. About an hour of my time and less than $7 in new materials.

Feeling pretty pleased with the whole process.